College of Ship Building Engineering,founded in 1953, is the key college of Harbin Engineering University(once known as the People's Liberation Army Military Engineering College and Harbin Military Industry Institute), which has achieved many national initiatives such as the design of China's first hydrofoil test speedboat, China's small hydrodynamic test submarine, the deep submersible lifeboat, the duplex type detection and fishing deep submersible, the ship test horizontal circulating water tank, the submarine load weighing system, and the intelligent underwater robot.

The college has 169 faculties with 129 full-time teachers, including 37 senior professional title teachers and 68 deputy senior professional teachers, and 43 doctoral supervisors as well as 113 master supervisors, of whom 108 full-time teachers have doctoral degree, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 scholars of the 1000 Talents Program, 1 distinguished Professor of the Changjiang Scholar, 2 lecturing professors of the “Changjiang Scholars, 1 young scholar supported by the “Changjiang Scholars Award Program”, 4 “Longjiang Scholars” 2 talents of “100 million talents”, 3 high-level foreign experts, 3 excellent talents of the Ministry of Education, 1 teacher supported by the first outstanding youth science fund, 2 young talents of the Central Organization Department, 4 “511” talents, 3 young talents supported by the “Young Talent Cultivation Project”, 2 young teachers are awarded as the provincial and ministerial outstanding teachers. At present, there are 1129 undergraduate students, 450 postgraduates, 201 doctoral students, and 10 international students.

In the past five years, the college has received 740 million RMB research funds and published three major search 1,113 three-major-index articles, of which 356 articles are in the SCI index, and over 50 monographs and textbooks, and won 36 national and provincial research awards. Our college keeps a long-term and comprehensive cooperative relations with more than 30 universities and 10 scientific research institutions such as University of London City in the UK, University of Strathclyde, Southampton University, Royal Society of Naval Architects (RINA), Hamburg University Shipbuilding Institute, Osaka University in Japan, Russia St. Petersburg State University of Marine Technology, the Ukrainian National Shipbuilding University, the American A&M University, the University of California at Berkeley, the Athens University of Technology in Greece.

The general enrollment policy for undergraduate students has been implemented since 2018. The candidates are recruited as students of the general Ocean Engineering major, which consists of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and port channel and coastal engineering. Students enrolled (except for the Class Chuanhai) will be generally educated during the first two semesters, then professionally trained from the third semester.

●Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

It is one of the top essential construction specialties of the Ministry of Education and a key national defense major and ranks national first-class disciplines and A+ in the National Fourth Disciplinary Assessment, which includes three branches: Ship Engineering, Ocean engineering, and Submarine engineering. It is aiming at developing excellent engineers, industry leaders, and scientists who are competent in researching, designing, constructing, inspecting, and making maintenance and management of marine engineering structures.

The graduates mainly work in companies related to ships and marine engineering and various ministries and commissions, as well as ship design institutes, research institutes, and key shipbuilding enterprises, some of whom have obtained the qualifications for studying abroad and were sent to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Japan, Greece, and other countries.

“ChuanhaiEliteClass” of this major was established in 2017, which focuses on cultivating talents with strong foundations, broad knowledge scopes, strong practical abilities, innovation, versatility, and internationalized skills on the research, design, construction, inspection and management in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering field. University-wide candidates applying for the Chuanhai Elite Class will take a comprehensive quality and ability test; 20-30 students per year who pass the test will officially enroll. It adopts the “3+X” training mode, in which students complete all courses in the first three academic years (including interdisciplinary courses, mentoring, and social welfare activities), then alternatively choose at least one special training platform Bachelor-Master training program, academic research, international exchanges, innovation and entrepreneurship, and post-training to study, meanwhile complete the Bachelor's thesis. The college provides high scholarships for the students, and all the courses are taught in group sessions; professors and doctoral supervisors will provide face-to-face guidance. Students are encouraged to choose the “Bachelor-Master-Doctor” Talent-training Mode with guaranteed acceptance for Master's degree, moreover he who meets the thresholds of a guarantee Master's degree will be recommended.

●Port Channel and Coastal Engineering

It is a Heilongjiang provincial key specialty and focuses on cultivating senior engineering and technical talents with management and scientific research skills in port engineering, navigation project, coastal engineering, and related engineering fields (such as hydraulic engineering, ocean engineering, civil engineering) who will work in transportation, coastal development and other departments after graduation.

The graduates are mainly work in national transportation departments such as the China Communications Group’s design institute, engineering bureau, channel bureau, research institute, the water conservancy departments, the marine bureau, and the enterprises and institutions affiliated with major domestic oil companies, naval departments, the fishery industry, and planning, design, construction, operation, management and other units in the coastal provinces and cities.

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