Deep Sea Engineering Technology Academic Team

July 31, 2023

I. Qualifications

1. Research interests: Overall performance and positioning system design analysis of deep-sea floating structures, structural design analysis of deep-sea floating platforms, design and analysis of deep-sea marine risers and pipelines, research on methods for deep-sea engineering model testing, key technologies of underwater foundations and production systems.

2. Educational background: Ph.D. degree in relevant majors such as naval architecture and ocean engineering, mechanics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, automation, and related fields.

II. Recruitment Categories

(I) Full-time Teachers

  1. Potential applicants: PhD degree obtained from high-level Chinese and overseas universities.

  2. Positions: teaching and research, full-time research, experimental technology.

  3. Salary package: Annual salary before tax ranging from 300,000 to 1 million RMB.

  4. Support and benefits: Relocation allowance, rent (purchase) subsidy for housing, research start-up funds, talent policies of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin City.

(II) Post-doctors

  1. Postdoctoral fellows (Faculty)

  Salary and support: annual salary of 450,000 RMB or above before tax (including provincial subsidy of 100,000 RMB), start-up fund for scientific research.

  2. Postdoctoral Fellows (Research)

Salary and guarantee: annual salary of 300,000 RMB or above, before tax.

III. Contact Information

Team: Kang Zhuang, E-mail:

College: Pan Feng, E-mail:

Technical Support:Informatization Office
Website Management:College of Shipbuilding Engineering


Chuanhai building of Harbin Engineering University,No. 145, Nantong Street, Nangang District,Harbin